Texas Women in Business – Lubbock

Taking on Giants

By Paula Ann Pitifer, Founding President – Texas Women in Business (TWIB) – Lubbock Chapter

“Ordinary women doing extraordinary things”

Welcome to the Texas Women in Business (TWIB) Lubbock Chapter Blog.

In this blog, we intend to cover numerous topics that we hope will be thought provoking, encouraging, empowering, educational, as well as light-hearted and funny.

Essential educational tools are the true source of power in each of our lives.  Learning to approach every hurdle as a stepping stone towards successes will free your mind from worries.

“Taking on Giants” is all about life experiences big and/or small.  Knowing that there are no “one size fits all” answers to life’s questions is comforting.

By sharing life experiences we hope to encourage and empower you in whatever choices you are making along the way.

Listed below are some lessons  we have learned that you may want to consider before “Taking on Giants” in your own life.

  1. Writing about your successes and hurdles is one method by which to measure how far you have come along in your journey.
  2. Identifying only one hurdle (personal and/or business) at a time may be a more manageable method for you.
  3. Focusing on the big picture, isn’t always the best solution for everyone.  Sometimes climbing one mountain at a time is all we can do.  It is okay to take baby steps!
  4. Reflecting on positives and/or negatives are a must for a balanced and healthy life.
  5. Permit  others to give you compliments. Although uncomfortable, these kind words can energize you and build confidence!
  6. Staying in your comfort zone for long periods of time may eventually cause uncertainties and limit possibilities.
  7. Remember, “all things will pass” with time and patience.

Warning, “Taking on Giants” may cause emotional exhaustion and fatigue to your spirit.  It’s worth it. No pain no gain is a true statement. Also, the more  you challenge yourself to take them on, the easier it gets.   I recommend keeping a support system of positive and supportive people in your life. These strong individuals will provide a rope to grasp when you need it.  Focusing and reflecting on all of our positives are what keeps us growing and learning as we continue on our way in life.  Be patient with yourself, and don’t let anything or anyone sway you from counting your blessings each day.  After all, every day is a second chance in life.  You only have one life, so live it to the fullest!

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